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Every little while I just have to create a shoot for fun. For no other reason but to create some images where I am able to get creative from start to finish. And thanks to the addition of Pinterest into my workflow (or should I say “playflow”? 🙂 it’s made the process of creating style boards for shoots even more fun. Gone are the days of only paper and tape and glue. And while I still love to use such methods, Pinterest has become quite the new playground for all of us creatives.

I have always loved Austin Mini Coopers, and while I was driving in the residential neighborhoods on Capitol Hill a few months ago, I drove by this beauty. I immediately stopped my car and literally ran after the car as it was driving in the opposite direction. I looked like a crazy person, but I wanted THAT Mini. I had looked everywhere for one, and this was my moment. 🙂 I tried to assure the couple that I was normal (well to a certain degree), and that I was interested in using their car for a photo shoot with little ones, should they be open to it. The owners were amazingly gracious and open to my proposal, and we exchanged contact information. (And for all of your car buffs out there, this Mini has the larger racing1071 cc engine introduced by John Cooper, giving it the extra kick to win the Monte Carlo three times in the 60’s. Thought you should know, just for kicks.)


I was then on Instagram, and my friend Lauren had posted a photo of one of her “small friends”  as she calls them. She worked at a local Waldorf preschool, and has a handful of friends that fall within this category. I immediately asked if she thought this little boy, Dani (and his parents) would be open to having him participate in a photo shoot.

IMG_7325-2children-seattle-mini-cooper-crewcutsThey kindly complied, and we started moving forward. Some other friends, Paul and Annie also shared their little ones, Isaac and Evangeline!

IMG_7292-2children-seattle-mini-cooper-crewcutsIMG_6679-2children-seattle-mini-cooper-crewcutsMy sister Allie was in town, and we wanted to do it all together, so we pulled it all together within a few days…we did a bit of shopping, and coordinated with the models. All of that for an hour of shooting, play time with little guys, and a few fun snaps as a result. Worth it all, for sure.

IMG_6984-2children-seattle-mini-cooper-crewcuts IMG_6568-2children-seattle-mini-cooper-crewcuts IMG_6949-2children-seattle-mini-cooper-crewcuts

I just love play days, don’t you? How do you “play” within your creative passions?