IMG_1084IMG_1134¬©Mallory MacDonald. All Rights Reserved. IMG_1168I first heard Night Beds about three or four years ago, when my brother Tucker introduced me to this song. It caught my fancy so strongly, it went on repeat for days, weeks, months. It still is one of my go-to songs for any mood, anytime, anywhere. This song is particularly ingrained in my memory from driving to my dear friend Courtenay’s wedding in Pendleton, Oregon. I was in a red Mini Cooper, and the song (and the rest of the album) kept me company as I drove from through the night from Portland to Pendleton….windows down, the warm summer night wind blowing through my dress, getting excited about the day ahead.

One wedding to the other. One set of lovers to the next. And I got to witness them both change their lives forever in a matter of minutes standing at an alter within 48 hours. For one, I was behind the camera, for the other, I was standing as a proud and teary bridesmaid.

Night Bed’s song also filled the Mini (quite fully and loudly, I might add) while my friends and fellow maids (bridesmaids, that is) drove through the dry hills around the charming little town of Pendleton for wedding photo locations, and the various wedding activities. (Remember this fabulous frolicking, Abby and Becky?)

Man, so many good memories wrapped up in just one song.383165_10151108015735072_300206661_n 315043_10150284980021555_890665174_n

Night Beds are more recently well known for this tune. They are on tour in the states and abroad all year. You can find them, and their full calendar here.¬†I was able to catch their show in Charlottesville, Virginia — so good.