I met Shelley about five years ago, as the was friends with the lovely Roundtree family, a family I nannied for in college who have remained dear friends. Every time I see Shelley, she is bursting with life, energy, ideas and inspiration. She is deeply connected to her work, her family, her friends. She always seems to be up to interesting things, and inspires everyone around her to do the same.

Last year her family spent Christmas in Antartica, and this year she’s fundraising for a climbing trip in the Himalayas that will benefit The Rose International Fund for Children, an organization that works on providing a quality education for children and young adults with disabilities. (They just helped one young lady graduate with a master’s degree!) Shelley is raising funds for the climb, and you can find out a bit more info about her “Fun Facts About Nepal” fundraising game on this little intro video, “Annapurna or Bust”.

Knowing Shelley is a pleasure…..and photographing her was nothing less.

In about an hour, we got some great snaps of her beautiful self, and here are a few of the snaps!

IMG_5869-2-2IMG_5783-2 IMG_5958-2

Thank you Shelley for being so awesome.  Check her out online, and find out for yourself: shelleyroberts.com + strategyclicks.com.