Most authors have book signings at least, a cocktail party at most, upon releasing their new book. Stacey has a “Gratitude Slam.” I was hesitant to go last night, as I was getting over a long stint of travel and a little bite of sickness, but I knew I wanted to be there to support Stacey, and was sure it would be a worthwhile time. I went, and am so glad and grateful I did! Stacey is ┬ásuch a power house of a woman, and I have enjoyed knowing her for a few years now. So, it was great fun seeing this new phase of her life and career unfold in a celebratory fashion…

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As I said in my short gratitude snippet at her “Gratitude Slam,” Stacey caught my attention the second I met her. She boldly stuck out her hand, and was just oozing with personality and power. She was the kind of person who doesn’t smile at first, as if to say, “No, that’s earned.” But as much as she gives off the confident vibe that her smiles are earned, she’s an absolute kick in the pants and a joy to be around. We’ve worked together now multiple times, and each time we hang out (aka, “work”) we have a blast. Beyond her kick in the pants nature, she is also a woman who runs very deep…She loves research of all kinds, but especially around psychology and coaching. She is a gifted conversationalist, speaker, and now author. Her new book, “Inner Critic Inner Success” is available now on Amazon!

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Tonight, at the “Gratitude Slam,” a handful of Stacey’s friends and colleagues shared about her impact on their lives, and it was fun to hear. Merrill, the woman who inspired the idea of the book said, (amongst other things) “Stacey is always there at the exact time I need her, and she always seems to say the very thing I need to hear.”

Mitch, who inspired Stacey to move from the world of Microsoft and into more of a facilitating and coaching role echoed Merrill’s praise, and added her own stories of experiencing the timeliness of Stacey’s advice and inspiration. Mitch also shared that Stacey had been such an encouragement when she said Mitch hadn’t given up any of her ambition as she moved into marriage and motherhood. Rather, Mitch had merely shifted her ambitions…It was cool to hear how this re-framing impacted Mitch’s life and perception.

Another woman stood up and spoke who was in one of Stacey’s sessions at Microsoft, (Sorry, but I failed to meet or catch her name!) and said at the end of her speech that Stacey gives the best of hugs. Stacey promptly and wittily yelled back from the audience, “It takes two!”

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Her spirit’s as warm as the light in the candlelit room of the venue in which the event was held.

And if I were to “slam” one more ounce of gratitude today, it would be that I consistently consider myself so blessed to work, and spend time with, such amazing people like Stacey. The kind of people where the line between “client” and “friend” becomes quite enjoyably, and gratefully, blurry.

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