Becky (or Rebekah, as many of you know her), is one of the most beautiful people I know. In every sense of the word.

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We have been friends longer than we haven’t.  Since we were eight, to be exact.

Everything has been shared — birthdays, tears, secrets, dreams, crushes, clothes, hysterical laughter, bitter pains, and deep joy. We’ve been through a lot together, and it’s a relationship that has such a longevity to it, I can’t imagine not having her be one of the first I call. About anything. And vice versa.

OLD School:


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Becky’s loyalty and friendship “skills” are impeccable. At a certain point, I am realizing more and more that those two traits are intentionally acquired skills. She is there when it’s convenient and fun, but also when it’s inconvenient and dull.

When we were twelve, we started a thing called “Girls Camp,” where we hosted about 20 girls in my parent’s backyard for a summer day camp. We were quite the little entrepreneurs. We had an “office” in our barn, we came up with some little marketing materials, we charged a fee for the campers, and planned out a fun-filled week for the girls. We ended up hosting this three times, and this little endeavor was the start of both of our creative and business pursuits.

As we “grew up,” I moved more into the photography realm, and Becky moved more towards helping women feel beautiful through her spa and beauty service business, RB Spa Studio. She has recently opened up a space in West Seattle, and she is just thriving in her new space. I think it’s hard, fast evidence that she is doing what she was created to do, as it’s similar to the “Spa Day” she and I hosted for twenty eight year olds in my parent’s backyard years ago.  She is naturally gifted at creating a relaxing environment, and equally gifted at all of her services she offers as an esthetician.

We did a photo shoot for her new website at the Seattle Art Museum, and here are some snaps from the day….

Becky-seattle-rb spa studio-storyville coffee-photo shoot-mallory macdonald-8079 Becky-seattle-rb spa studio-storyville coffee-photo shoot-mallory macdonald-8119 Becky-seattle-rb spa studio-storyville coffee-photo shoot-mallory macdonald-8058 Becky-seattle-rb spa studio-storyville coffee-photo shoot-mallory macdonald-7692

I’m so happy to be writing about someone so close to my heart.

And, I am so happy to send you her way….If you, or anyone you know is interested in her services, check out her site. Her gift certificates would make great Christmas gifts or stocking stuffers!