It’s been said a time or two that the things in life that take work or time or sweat or tears or heartache or investment or sacrifice are the most rewarding. And if your eyes are still here, they’re probably rolling.

We’ve heard it all, we’ve been encouraged and inspired and prodded to work and put our all into whatever it is that makes our hearts beat faster, or our dreams seem closer as we hang the new calendar on our tattered walls, or simply click the arrow and move to the next month on our iCal or outlook calendar. We get inspired enough at the end of every Christmas where we feel fat and full and fatigued, we dream of the flipside of things – feeling fit and fresh and energetic.

The resolution thing is all sounding as hectic and pressure-laden as the superfluous elements that are tacked onto Christmas celebrations, so I know, a lot of you duck out of the whole resolution thing all together. And I don’t blame you.

However, as I sit on my couch, wrapping up a bit of time where a good friend and I met and chatted about what we envisioned for the year, I feel a new energy about it all, and I feel ready to take on the challenge of looking at 2014 with fresh eyes, fresh expectations, fresh reactions to inevitable curve balls that will be thrown my way.

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Setting up a plan and a vision is not life changing, nor is it earth shattering. My pastor referred to a book on Sunday by Eugene Peterson, and the title alone was helpful to hear… “A long obedience in the same direction.” And while this book is more about spiritual growth and discipleship, I think it’s a beautiful way of wrapping up what is more admirable to pursue than the alluring and sexy big goals or resolutions we all are attracted to. And trust me, I’ve had my fair share. In fact every year, for the past ten years.

This year’s resolutions are perhaps the least dramatic, large, or exciting than any I have ever committed to. So much so, that I will not be posting any of them for the world to see. 🙂 I will keep them mostly to myself, and hope that the steady fulfillment of them will be obvious not in a 24 hour period of time, nor in an act of bringing about world peace, but in the culmination of the decisions and their impact over time.

My sister shared a song with me this winter by Sleeping at Last, and the lyrics have struck me quite beautifully. Almost every line is piercing, or at least poetic. To quote a line that is most pertinent to all of this, “A life without revision will silence our souls.” So at the risk of you interpreting my writing and as cliché, I throw this out anyways, as I know that mindfulness and planning can do all of us some good. At any time of the year.

So 2014, Lets DO THIS.

2014- Lets DO This.