A few days ago, I received a voicemail while I was at work stating I had won Trader Joe’s raffle for two free tickets to see a silent film at the Paramount. Not only were they tickets, they were VIP tickets. Judging by my reaction, you would have thought Oprah has just told me I was going to be receiving a humpback whale. Or a school. [smile] It was the first thing I have ever won, and I will never be the same again.

I asked my friend Abby to be my date, and upon arriving it dawned on me that I was far from the only one who “won” the sweepstakes. Quickly, I got over my shock that there were many winners, and enjoyed the little fare offerings and tried a mix of sparkling cider and a savignon blanc. It was delicious.

“The Last Command” was an interesting film following the narrative of a commander of the Czar’s armies during the communist revolution in Russia. The film was much longer than we both anticipated (had to duck out early), but surprisingly entertaining. It was directed by an Austrian director who (according to the organist accompanying the show) was apparently was a painter as well, making some of the scenes really beautifully orchestrated. (Like the one captured above)