My husband and I met David for the first time at a pub in London, I think it was called Sherlock Holmes. How, fun, right? 🙂 It wasn’t a total ‘meet cute’ though…our lovely friend Kelly introduced us when she knew we would all be newbies in the bustling city of London. After that night, we ended up sharing multiple dinners and rooftop night caps in our flat in south London. We were sad to leave London, and leave David, but luckily for us he now lives in Seattle again, so it’s more likely our paths will cross. And when we were visiting Seattle over Christmas, I was able to do a headshot session of David.

He’s an inspiring ‘bloke’ as they say. He is always traveling, exploring and adventuring some of the coolest places around the globe, and taking amazing photos of these places while doing so. Check his adventures and snaps out on Instagram! (@dkwhitechocolate)